How long does a bankruptcy take?
It takes about 100 days from start to finish.

Does Bankruptcy discharge all my debts?
Certain debts are not dischargeable. They will still be owed after bankruptcy. Nondischargeable debts include:
– fines, penalties, child support, student loans, certain tax obligations, debts
incurred by fraud.

Will I be required to go to Court?
All debtors and their attorneys must attend a meeting of creditors.The
average meeting lasts five minutes.

My car has been taken. Can I get it back?
Yes. In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you can force your auto finance company to return your
repossessed car, as long as it hasn’t been sold to a third party.

Will bankruptcy destroy my credit rating?
Yes, but it will give you a fresh start.

I am in foreclosure and I can’t pay the amount they say I am behind. Can I avoid
losing my home?


I don’t have money yet to pay the fees and costs? Do I have to wait to talk with an
attorney about Bankruptcy?

No. The Eytalis Law Firm will meet with you and discuss your options, with no